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Slim-Fit Jeans

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Constructed with premium 'Cone Red Selvedge' raw denim, these jeans are made at higher standards.
Handcraftsmanship in dark indigo with white stitching.
Raw denim, also called “dry denim” or “unwashed denim” is a pair of untreated denim. The fabric is not washed, bleached, or distressed artificially after the garment is finished, the trousers basically go directly to you, straight off the loom.


Instead of creating a worn and washed look at a laundry facility, the raw denim will get there over time, reflecting how you wear and care for them. It’s a long-term commitment, a longer-lasting, and more personal garment. As the jeans are worn, they will crease and mold to fit the body, getting softer and more comfortable with time, fading at points of strain, and wear and tear according to your lifestyle.


  • Indigo
  • Five pockets jeans in Red Selvedge raw denim
  • Mercader geometric back pockets design
  • Hidden buttons closure
  • Leather label with logo
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