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Seasonless. Trendless. Genderless.

Luis Mercader

Spanish designer with more than 20 years of experience mostly in high/ luxury fashion. He builds and rebuilds his brand, Mercader+, and has contributed to prestigious brands as creative and artistic director. His passion is design with no limits. All his projects confirm his passion and will to create.

Acclaimed for his skill in pattern making and bespoke tailoring, the Madrid-born creator in now taking his “made to measure” signature to ready-to-wear, returning to his roots.

Since the 2013 the designer has lived between New York, São Paulo, Lisbon and Madrid, where his latest project, the hybrid store Mercader+, is located.


At Mercader+, we anticipate a movement in fashion on the impact of seasonless, genderless, and trendless.

We believe in celebrating design without a definition and specific standards for men or women. We encourage our clients to transcend what they traditionally understand and believe as masculine and feminine to find what suits them best, or what they find to be more comfortable.

A reinterpretation of the classics defines Mercader+'s proposal. Our creations have a high level of detail and quality, creating pieces iconic features adapted to this new world.


Mercader+ relies on geometric shapes and high-quality fabrics. Because design isn't everything, the raw materials we use are carefully selected to ensure the quality and beauty of our products.

We provide high-quality clothing and accessories that you can wear with elegance and in everyday life, for a long time.


The know-how and experience of the "Made in Portugal" craftsmen are present in every detail like leathers, fabrics, luxury materials, geometric shapes that define the character of pieces Mercader+ in perfect harmony with ethics and responsibility, taking us one step closer to a more sustainable and conscious future.


Enjoy the Mercader+ experience!